Cucumber – Rediscovered

First of all, it is interesting to find out how many goodness a cucumber contains. A wide range of B-spectrum vitamins to start with.
Then there are all the items that doctors tell us we need on a daily basis to stay healthy. Potassium, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus, plus generous doses of iron, calcium, and even folic acid. Add a little vitamin C just in case and the rest is water; in fact, more than 90%. And only 13 calories in a medium-sized fruit.
But all of this means nothing more than the parochial sandwich unless you know what to do with this undiscovered creeping vine. It is actually a fruit in the true horticultural sense, but it is often referred to as a vegetable. So let’s see what you can do.
Somehow, a cucumber prevents the mirrors from fogging up. Spreading a slice all over the bathroom mirror will prevent condensation from forming. It can also shine your shoes and act as an ink eraser. No one is quite sure how that works, but try using cucumber skin to erase the mistakes made with the ink.
And all this before zdrowie  we ate. You will also have seen iconic images and photographs of cucumber slices placed on the face, particularly female faces. This is more than a cooling sensation for delicate skin.
There are chemicals in the juice that actually act on the fatty tissue, tightening the ectodermal membrane and thus can remove the small wrinkles on the skin.
There are two great opposite effects that cucumbers can generate. If you put cucumber puree in an aluminum container and leave it in the garden, the slugs will run a mile. There is a chemical reaction between the fruit and the metal that gives off an undetectable odor to humans, but is an abomination to slugs and other larvae. But boil a little in an open-top saucepan and the delicate aroma has been shown to relieve stress and induce relaxation of tense muscles.
Now we can start eating something. A proven hangover cure, oddly enough.
Just suck a little after an alcoholic lunch. No one in the office will know that you have been drinking. It also provides a non-caloric snack. Have something to eat in the middle of the afternoon when you would normally have a bag of chips. You will find that cucumber assuages ​​hunger better than apples or other fruits. And a large portion has only 3 calories.
The list goes on and on. It will polish dull surfaces, lubricate squeaky hinges, and even dissolve grease and oil. But the humble cucumber sandwich will always be a fond memory for most of us accompanied by that famous phrase from the music hall: “More tea, vicar?” Make sure it’s cucumber though, make sure it’s cucumber, rediscovered.