Floating lights

4 freedom of floating lights integration

Candles are one of the most useful tools to create your own romantic rituals and celebrations, because they remember your loved ones can’t at this time, or to cure the separation between the enemy.

Time to exercise: 10 minutes

Property needed: a number of small candles (birthday candles are about the right size), the same amount of small-bottom-bottom paper bags, the same amount of small paper plates, and one or more larger candles to drip the candle to the bottom of the bottom of Bags to put smaller candles.


1. Open the paper bag. Use a larger wax to shed the candle into a paper bag. Secure a birthday candle that is upright in each paper bag. Place each bag to one of the paper plate.

2. When all bags and candles are ready, turn the candle one by one

3. Arrange the dishes in the bathtub, swimming pool, lake or river, say dedication to a friend or loved one, speak hard words of encouragement for the cause you are committed to, or offering amnesty to the enemy.

4. Secretly watching floating lights carrying your message, desire, and energy into the universe.


Ceremony to integrate 4 freedoms: body, mind, heart and soul

Use four candles, bags and plates. Prepare by following the instructions above. When you turn on each other, read with the statement that you have prepared beforehand, dedicating light to each of the 4 freedom. Here is an example of what you can say for each of 4 freedom:

Body freedom
“With this light, we invited our body to levitating moon lamp wake up. We chose to open our senses completely. We welcome the freedom of sensual pleasure and sexual fulfillment.”

Freedom of mind.
“With this light, we accept the responsibility to pay attention to what we think and how we think about it. We choose to pay attention to what we want. We choose to think about what we want in a positive and supportive way.”

Freedom of heart
“With this light we promise to open our hearts to each other, again and again every time they close. We promise to let ourselves feel everything, both positive and negative feelings. We choose to act with the courage to support our creation. We make Commitment to do our inner work to fit our relationship. “